Quick start

To start with your account first you need to register and configure your profile.
Please make sure that your phone number and email are correct - these will be used to transfer leads to you.
You can also select types of leads and other options on the same profile page.

Once completed, your profile will enter the activation state. Please wait while we process your data and create all the necessary AI facilities.
When your account gets activated you will start receiving leads on the provided phone number according to specified filter options.

Basic workflow

After receiving a call from a lead you can review and update that lead details on the lead profile page.
There you can also fill and print the applications and provide us with feedback once the deal is closed.

Important note: on enterprise accounts all closed leads must be reported as soon as possible.

Lead transfer

To transfer the lead to a colleague you need to contact your group manager.

AI training

You can improve lead stream quality by connecting with "Hove" - your personal AI partner by providing it with information about the outcome of interaction with leads.
This information can come in any form - lead tags, color markings, feedback, notes and most importantly, deal outcome reports available on the leads page.

Tagging logic is simple - make your own lead marking scheme and the AI will try to understand it and help you improve results.


For more detailed instructions on various fields and options you can check the tutorial page.


Q: I am getting too many leads. Can I limit the call rate?
A: We are working on that. The option will become available in the panel shortly.
Q: I am getting too little leads or no leads at all. Is anything wrong?
A: Please make sure your filtering options are not too strict. Also, there are high and low seasons for different kinds of insurance - you might be experiencing low tide.
If you verified your profile and still think that it is a technical issue, please contact us.
Q: Can I filter by specific profession?
A: At the moment you can filter by profession type. More elaborate filters are coming soon. You can try to improve the results by training the AI and marking the leads.